Thursday, 3 May 2012

speech therapy and sensory play

The speech therapy has hit a bit of a stumbling block in its infancy. The SLT doesn't believe traditional speech therapy is going to work for Lamb and so while we will still be keeping out appointments she is going to go back to the drawing board and is researching methods used specifically with autistic kids. She's been great listening to my concerns about Moo generally and is keeping notes on him as well for when his referal does go through.
I finally remembered to snap some pics with JT in the sensory room. Honestly this woman is fabulous, she really cannot do enough for you. Not only is she doing sessions in their sensory room with us to help Lamb out with his sensory integration problems (it doesn't compensate for an OT assessment, but it's a whole lot better than being left alone to try to help Lamb) but when I mentioned how I had really wanted to find a gymnastics group for Lamb (The only one in our town is a girls only group) she told us she was a kids gymnastics instructor in the next town over and that she would take us over to the gym and do a few sessions with the boys. Honestly this women is an angel!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

clever daddy

Lamb's behaviour had deteriorated over the last month or so, his focus too being all over the place. We needed something GOOD to get him interested again! So we decided to start our 'cars and racing' topic earlier than intended. Daddy is pretty clever. He made us some nifty tracing and handwriting sheets of various F1 race tracks. Lamb is F1 mad - it went down well! 
We're also trying to conquer number sequencing for both of the boys. Dot-to-dots are perfect but there's always the problem of the numbers either going too high or not high enough. So daddy has been making us custom made dot-to-dots of F1 race tracks and characters from Cars the movie. They've gone down so well that the boys keep asking for more! Both of the boys did really well. I had thought Moo was still shakey with his number recognition upto 10 but not so. And I had thought Lamb was still very uncertain upto 20 but he coped really well.

impromptu aeroplane crafts

making tally charts to record what type of vehicles passed the house

experimenting with floating and sinking
Was nice for Lamb to try to explain his previous knowledge to Moo and made him feel very grown up!

sweet literacy...

We're continuing with the analytical phonics but we've slowed the pace considerably. Mumma was pushing things along too quickly and the change in behaviour was a sure communication that I was getting it wrong. 
These pictures were made using icecream sprinkles. Both Lamb and Moo have really embraced the multi sensory learning :)

Never by halves

I couldn't coax Lamb into doing some foot prints, but Moo really did thow himself into the task in hand!