Friday, 9 December 2011

Rhyme Monsters!

Finally the bird feeders got finished!

Today's big project was the Rhyme Monsters.
The boys painted up some cereal boxes, added some eyes, hair and tentacles and bob's your uncle!
The monsters hold a card each (which you can laminate if you haven't some how lost your laminator...ahem) and the idea is that the kids then take turns to feed the monster (through the hole cut out for the mouth) words which rhyme with the card they are holding. Lamb needs to work on his awareness of rhyme as part of his speech therapy, and it's a pretty cool activity for Moo's age too.

The activity worked well for Lamb. Keeping to only 2 options really helped him to focus and understand what was being asked of him, and the results were good. For almost all of the words Lamb correctly identified which monster to feed :)

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