Monday, 2 April 2012

Sensory bugs and beasties

We had been invited by the surestart team to a sensory session with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

The kids had loads of fun with stories and crafts and treasure hunts.

Moo was first in there answering the questions and getting his hands in the feely bag.
Lamb has been in a very peculiar mood today and it took him some time to really get into the event. He really wasn't too sure about touching...

This was pretty cool. Lamb was reluctant to have a feel but Moo was more than happy to have a feel of the snakes skin.

When they started the bug hunt Lamb was much happier. Bashing trees with sticks? Much more his kinda thing!

Not many bugs around though!
We also had another appointment with the paediatrician today to review medication dosage. We'll wait and see how that goes. We had a little bit of a talk about what the future might hold...
It's been difficult accepting that in the future Lamb may continue to need considerable support. Once accepted though, it's almost a relief. The paediatrician has said that he'll have a chat with the special needs nursing team and see if they might have some strategies to help Lamb learn some more self-care skills.
Every step is a step in the right direction. The surestart team were also fabulous today, giving advice on how to fill out the disability living allowance form for Lamb. It's been declined once but the paediatrician is definite that Lamb should be entitled to it. The form is a little more friendly to fill out than this time last year, but it's still an enormous form to fill out. Fingers crossed this time Lamb will be awarded the benefit.

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