Thursday, 29 March 2012

From Little Acorns

Mini-museum day today. Here they are, off on an acorn hunt to help the forgetful squirrel who had lost all of her acorns around the museum. Moo LOVES the magnifying glasses!

Using a funky little leaf shaped punch to decorate pictures of trees. They also had a go at some sponge painting while they were there and the new staff member fell in love with Moo, so seriously did he take his painting!

Don't you love this photo? Lamb looks like he's in training to be a model or something - just look at that pose!

Both boys had a chance to plant some tree seeds. Though I'm not sure where we're going to put it if Moo's Walnut does grow?

Lamb's apple seedlings would probably be easier to accommodate!

It's erm, a bird feeder. Can't tell can you? But it is, I swear.
Lamb is busy in the background making some leaf bunting.
It was a lovely session at the museum with loads for the kids to do. There was a really nice sensory table set up to do lots of wax rubbings and songs and stories. I'm hoping Lamb will be ready for the older group soon though.
After a busy morning the afternoon was consumed by a speech and language appointment. After almost a year of waiting Lamb has finally reached the top of the waiting list and starts individual speech sounds therapy at the end of April. It would be wonderful if this goes well, but we shall wait and see.
On a less enthusiastic note, the speech therapist has asked me to fill in a form to have Moo referred for speech and language assessment. I'm vaguely upset about this but I'm not sure why.
Moo is very communicative, but his speech is somewhat unclear at times, which I've always put down to him copying his brother's pronunciation. A proper assessment can't do any harm though I suppose.
After all that there wasn't really any time to do anything else! The day slipped by in a whirlwind today.

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Nemnem said...

Lamb and Moo are having so much fun, it's easy to forget that they are learning the whole time. Keep up the great work guys!!!xx Nemnem