Friday, 9 March 2012

The King of Tiny Things... and other stuff.

Some days are better than others. The last few days have been 'others'. Friday has arrived with a sigh of relief from mummy.
In the haze that has been this week, we've taken walks in the rain and splashed in puddles... enjoyed completely by Moo was Lamb was unsure whether this constituted 'fun' or not.

This week our literacy study has been 'The King of Tiny Things' by Jeanne Willis.
This is a really lovely story about two little girls learning to appreciate creepy crawlies when the King of Tiny Things befriends them.
Moo is making his own version of the story here. We normally do the routine story-sequencing, which was getting a bit boring. It was nice to do it a bit differently for a change.

The King of Tiny Things wears a neat little leafy crown.
And here is Lamb's leafy crown.
This was actually a sneaky math activity. Before the boys could get messy with the glue they first had to sort their leaves into seperate piles and use an identification sheet to find out what kind of leaves they had.

(er, I'm SURE I rotated it this time...)
Once they'd sorted the leaves into piles, next they had to record how many of each kind of leaf they had on a grid and then draw their results onto a bar graph. This one is Lamb's.
We've been doing bar graphs for a while now and Lamb seems to be fairly confident on drawing them up.

Aside from that we've been digging another pond, which was stupidly hard work; planting seeds (Chard and various courgettes) and reading LOTS of story books.
Thank goodness it's the weekend - the house looks like a tip and I'm more than ready for a day off from 'work'!

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