Monday, 5 March 2012

Candles and ow...

These word bears are borrowed from a book I loaned from the library. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the book! But anyway, it was a nice simple way to focus on sound-bites. As you can see from the dicky-bow we're still focusing on 'ow' endings. We're taking this whole thing nice and slow because Moo is still so young and Lamb finds these things particularly tricky.

The boys then had to find some words ending in 'ow' through trial and error. Those alphabet cookies came in handy again! Moo isn't really up to this kind of activity yet but try telling him that! There is no way we can have a happy household if Moo isn't allowed to join in with EVERY activity, no matter if it is too advanced for him. Still, it did give him a change to practise letter formation free hand and he's getting pretty impressive. I think he's going to end up with very neat hand writing, just like his daddy!
Lamb struggled with this a little more today than he has previously, but it is Monday ;-)

I, erm, sort of forgot to rotate this pic. Just lean your head over to the right and pretend...
Here are the boys having a go at making candles :-)

The pack we used is pure beeswax, so no nasty chemicals, and there was also no need to melt the wax, which has obvious benefits when working with tiny people.
The pack had a 14 years+ age recommendation on it, but I can't see why.
Both boys managed to follow the verbal instructions they were given. Ok, the candles  may not have looked precisely how they did on the box illustration, but they came out just fine.

Roll it, roll it, roll it.

Squeeze it...


A pretty successful activity I think!

Before we headed off to our soft-play session with little friends, Lamb and Moo had a go at this little game I devised... yeah, you guessed it, it's those 'ow' words again. A prize for collecting as many counters as possible is a good incentive to go over it again though. It was pretty basic - if you can figure out what the word says then you earn yourself a counter to be exchanged for a chocolate flavoured prize at the end.
And there you have it, our day in pictures.

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