Thursday, 1 March 2012

Lamb and Moo on another wild adventure!

I should give ample warning that there are LOTS of photos in this post!
After finishing off some number matching games and some Ichthyosaurus illustrations (the dinosaur fossil that Mary Anning found dontcha know) we headed out for some well earned time in the new sunshine.
Lamb has taken a real shine to the CBeebies show 'Andy's wild adventures' and so it was that we headed out on our very own wild adventure.

Moo fell over an awful lot.

"Look mummy! A ladybird!"

Moo had tired legs after all that walking and needed a sit down for a bit.
A pleasant day was finished off nicely with a visit from friends with so many toys pulled out the carpet was barely visible :)

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Meryl said...

Looks like such a fun walk! So nice that the weather is getting to be "outside weather" again.