Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Layers of rock

In 'Stone Girl, Bone Girl' there are some lovely illustrations showing the layers of rock showing in a cliff face, so today we mixed up some textured paint to make our own versions of the same. Here are Moo's pictures :)

And here are Lamb's. Although you can't really see it in the photographs, the paint is full of all sorts of goodies. The dark blue is mixed with soil, the green with chopped-up dried grass, and the yellow had chopped-up dried leaves in it.

The kidlets have also been doing some more dinosaur stencils to go in their Mary Anning project.
On the left is Moo's work (his pencil control is getting really good now and he traces letters well) and on the right Lamb's.

At the end of yesterday I was left with this odd satisfied feeling. It'd been a good day.
Could today be as good? I think so :)
We've also watched a few episodes of the Magic School Bus. Educational T.V for the whole family ;-)
The boys LOVE the Magic School Bus! I just wish it was still on T.V.
It was another great day for reading too. Lamb had to help his brother to be a 'word detective' today. Using the ABC cookies (wonderful xmas present!) I spelt out 'cow'. Lamb had to figure out what it said so that they could draw the correct picture. It worked a treat. Introducing Lamb to word segments is working well, and 3 letter words are being figured out well now. This I think is at the root of my end-of-day feeling of satisfaction at the moment! The first real steps to reading at last.
Not only that, but a wander around the charity shops in town bought some treasures our way.
("No, I'm not buying you any more teddies, but you can choose a few books each if you'd like.")
We found a lovely book of Scottish Fairy Tales, a book called 'Pounamu's Stones' that has some wonderful illustrations, and a let's-read-and-learn-science book on fossils which tells the story of how a fish turns into a fossil inside a cliff. Must have been fate ;-)

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