Thursday, 16 February 2012

A day with Nemnem

Here they are playing Rock band with J.Nem. Lamb is fond of a bit of Queen!

Moo is, as ever, very serious about the task in hand :)

Nemnem has a brilliant collection of rocks and fossils which Moo had a nice time looking through. Lamb cottoned on quite quickly that it looked a bit like work, and he hadn't come to do that!

Both boys enjoyed meeting Hermes the tortoise who wandered around the living room for a bit. They were less interested in the giant millipede, but Moo was quite interested in the giant snails. It was Mystic the dog that stole the show in the end though. They both had the best time playing hide-and-seek with Mystic. This is quite a massive thing because normally Lamb is terrified of dogs!

Nemnem, being all sorts of lovely, gave the boys a little box of the fossils and rocks to keep. We're about to start doing a new topic on rocks and fossils you see, so these are going to be brilliant! Thanks Nemnem!

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suzie nettles said...

and didnt we have fun, looking forward to a repeat visit.xxxxxx