Monday, 27 February 2012

Stone Girl, Bone Girl - the story of Mary Anning

So, for our rocks and fossils topic the literature hook is 'Stone Girl, Bone Girl' by Laurance Anholt.
The pictures are lovely, but it is very wordy, so unless you have a patient youngster I'd say a good age for this book would be 7+.
Luckily for me Moo takes these things rather seriously!

It tells the story of Mary Anning and her discovery of the first Ichthyosaur fossil.
There is lots here for children to talk about aside from the discovery of an amazing fossil, such as bullying, grief, poverty and a little hint of spooky mystery.

We followed up the story with an examination of our little box of Nemnem fossils and some nice messy painting activity, making dinosaur footprints.

These foam letters were an oppurtunity purchase last week, put to good use here. Lamb had to find the capital letter equilvilents to the Mary Anning themed words, and later used them again to find the missing capital letters in an information sheet about Mary Anning.

And the boys started their new tapestry kits.
This is a first try at following a pattern and it went rather well. This one here is Moo's.
We got these from and they are perfect for little hands.
As you can see the pattern is printed on to flexible plastic, making it easy for little hands to hold, control and follow. The set comes in a nice little paper bag with all the bits and bobs needed. It would make a really nice gift actually.

And here is Lamb's!

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