Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A day in the life of

The camera memory card and the computer are not friends and will NOT talk to each other.
So, no pictures.
Yesterday we had a nice time wiggling and jiggling. It's like a dance session for really small people, except their poor mothers are also expected to join in. Note to self in future: Do NOT where trousers that are too big and rectify the situation with a safety pin. Because I was enthusiastically (sort of) dancing around to the Funky Monkey when the safety pin pops open. Very embarrassing!!
Yesterday was also cooking day! Mmm, cheese straws...Which threw Lamb - he was getting familiar with the words found in a cake recipe. It was a major sucess, Lamb actually put his hands into the ingredients and felt them without any screaming.
We've finished up on Monet for now, and given a choice of artists both boys agreed that they'd like to look at Salvador Dali next. I think it was the crazy photo of him with the curly 'tash that did it! We started off with 'the beiruuier'. Trees...heads...trees...heads? After talking about Dali enjoying playing tricks on the eyes with his paintings Lamb decided that the picture was surely of trees, just like he thought in the first place LOL! If the camera and the computer ever make friends again, I'll post the pics.
Yesterday was also a big occassion for Moo. For the first time Moo was allowed to use a knife and help prepare vegetables for tea. He was so proud of himself! It's odd but I find myself willing to allow Moo to try things a lot younger than Lamb.

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