Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I love watching little hands at work...

Today the boys have been making some valentines presents.

I saw this while reading blogs and having my wake-up cuppa. How simple and lovely!
(Though I can't remember now where I saw this - sorry for not giving credit where it is due).

Mummy stitched the heart shape, and little boys were asked to stitch a pretty pattern on the inside.


I also saw this little activity over on Mindfull Momma's blog.
Again such a simple activity.
We talked lots about the different people we love and talked at some length about the ways we can show people we love them.

The boys then told me lots of ways to oshow people we love them.
I particularly like Moo's suggestion:
We can show people we love them by washing-up for them!

And Moo also decided that he was going to make himself a hat.
Very nice :)

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