Wednesday, 28 March 2012

We're back!

It's been a while since the last post because the boys went to their Nana's for a week besides the sea, which I hope was nice for all of us!
This week though we've been back to it and we've been focusing predominantly on the analytic phonics, which because it's not the government enforced thing is actually quite hard to find information and resources for. Ho-hum.
Because Moo is so little but eager, and because Lamb is a very hands-on gestalt learner, I've been trying to make the introduction to each onset and rime (some of which we're re-covering anyway) as
multi-sensory as I can.

We got mucky outside using the big chalks ...

which was a success I think! Both boys enjoyed it enough not to realise they were doing something entirely educational.

They both really loved cleaning up afterwards as well :)

For the 'ar' rime we did lots of printing with foam letters - which the boys enjoyed doing but just as a note:
 foam letters just aren't great for printing!

Great for getting messy though!
We also sang and acted out a little song (sung to the tune of 'the little green frog'):
'ar', 'ar' went the crow, sitting on the wall,
'ar', 'ar' went the crow one day.
'ar', 'ar' went the crow standing up tall,
he said 'ar', 'ar' as he flew away.
(Yes I know I'm not much of a song writer, LOL! It worked though.)

To practise 'th' sounds we got ourselves outside in the lovely sunshine, and spent a happy hour or so 'painting' onto the tarmac with water.

The bowl ended up pretty muddy, I can tell you! It was very sweet hearing Lamb explain to Moo why the water 'th's were disappearing :-)

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