Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mummy Time


Moo has been... difficult, shall we say? There has been some aggression, rudeness, and just odd behaviours. The most concerning is that he keeps hitting himself in the head. When asked why he says it's because he thinks it's funny.

I thought about it. Thought about it some more. Is it because Moo also has some developmental difficulties? Is it learnt behaviour from  his brother? Is it attention-seeking because he can see the amount of mummy that Lamb gets? After thinking about it some more I figured I'm just not going to be able to know. But I can try to sort it out. So commenced mummy time because I thought some quality one-to-one time would help. I took Moo out, just the two of us, to play. But strangely Moo asked continuously if we could bring Lamb next time we went out. I'm at a bit of a loss. Going out, just the two of us, is obviously not the answer, but I'm still not sure what the answer is? Happy as Moo was to be taken out, it didn't quite go as I was hoping. Maybe we need a special 'thing' to do together at home where Moo still feels we're all together? Maybe starting nursery will help?
Which of course is also another important piece of news! Moo had his first day at nursery today! He was so excited and carried his back pack around all morning just waiting to go. When he actually got there he more or less blanked me! He didn't want to talk to me any more, and wouldn't give me eye contact. It was almost like he was trying to show how annoyed his was with me for not being able to stay with him. After a sucessful first session we walked home slowly and Moo commented to me "Ah, isn't it nice being in a family mummy." He's obviously in two minds about this growing-up and going to nursery business!

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