Friday, 7 September 2012

Tears over nappies...

A month or so ago we dived in and attempted to send Lamb to bed without a nappy on. At almost 9 I would love to see Lamb out of nappies at night time. Although he eventually potty trained within 'normal' age-frames, we never could get him out of nappies at night. Some months ago we decided to just go for it with Moo and despite the fact we hardly ever had a dry nappy in the morning, and much to my delight we had one accident in the night and Moo has been dry ever since. But Lamb, no.

He cried an awful lot about being put to bed without a nappy on, but I put him to bed anyway, feeling rather dreadful. After 15 minutes of not hearing a peep from him I popped my head around his bedroom door to check he was actually in bed. He wasn't.

Lamb was sat on his potty with tears in his eyes, and was prepared to stay there all night if he wasn't allowed to wear a nappy. His evident distress wasn't worth it. For some reason he is afraid of not wearing a nappy at night. I haven't a clue if he is actually able to go the night dry because his fear has meant that we haven't even considered trying again. For now we've decided to put up with nappies.

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