Thursday, 6 September 2012


Back in July Lamb not only got his bronze scouting award, which is the highest award a beaver can get, but he also won a trophy at the end of the term for effort. The Beavers had been having their own Olympics at the time so medals and trophies were all the rage.
Oh how pleased he was with himself! What this trophy doesn't show though is the flood of tears which preceeded it. 9 Beavers scouts had just had their official leaving ceremony to go up to Cub scouts and Lamb was very sad that his friends would no longer be Beavers. Lamb should have gone up to Scouts some months ago but we decided to keep him back in Beavers not only because developmentally he is behind, but because physically he is so small. We're thinking that we're now going to need to think about moving him along to Cub scouts. A few of the boys he was so sad to see go are children that he used to go to school with before we started to home-ed, and though he might never talk about it (indeed the boys in question probably would never know it) it seems he has formed some attatchments that genuinely mean something to him. However difficult Cub scouts might be I think it must be out weighed by the importance of friendship.

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