Saturday, 21 January 2012

A busy Thursday

Snakes and ladders... this is numeracy right? ;)

Number Snap!... Definitely numeracy, yes?

This is what a winning face looks like.

... And this is what a losing face looks like!

I recorded this on the TV on a whim for the boys. Yoga for kids :)

... Yes, Moo. Sort of.

Lamb absolutely loved it and has kept asking to have it back on ever since. I'm thinking I should pick him up a yoga book from one of the charity shops that he can have a look through.
Thursday afternoon we spent outside digging, and trying to do our nature study.

Lamb was really hoping to find some earthworms, until both boys got distracted by the slug we found when we tidied up the remaining pond lining. They both decided that they'd actually quite like to find out about slugs instead.

They both drew pictures of the slug, but I don't think they quite got the idea of the nature study... Both of them coloured the slug in bright blue for some reason!

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