Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sort of getting back into the swing of things again...

The new time-table has been amended and reduced.
Handwriting has been moved to the end of the day, and while it still hasn't gone down without a bit of complaining it does seem to be less stressful for all concerned this way around.
Lamb has now started using a work book rather than wide ruled, custom made printouts.
This transition was always going to present him with a bit of a challenge, and I'm happy to say that he's doing rather well at writing smaller than his normal bold print.

The pond is starting to take shape. Incidentally, who would have thought a pond would be quite so troublesome to make?
Granted, it doesn't yet look very pond-y, but we will get there!

'Decorating' (slightly burnt) blueberry muffins.
We sneaked in a little bit of numeracy here and took turns estimating how many blueberries were in a packet.

...And then the boys swept up all the spilt flour :)

Uncle Kenny came to visit at the weekend bearing gifts (Thankyou Uncle Kenny!) and we've been spending LOTS of time reading 'Hairy McLairy' and 'Little Red Train' books.
We've even squeezed in quite a few of the Alphablocks books that Santa bought for Christmas and Moo is doing a brilliant job of learning the alphabet sounds.

In other news, there's been plenty of bouncing and catching and wiggling and jiggling...

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