Thursday, 12 January 2012

Malteser maths, amongst other things

I have been a very slack blogger of late, but promise to do better!
We only started back with the whole 'school' thing this week, and we've started off with a new, structured timetable. Going with the flow was working nicely for Moo (and myself!) but Lamb was not faring so well and it was evidenced in his behaviour. So we have a new timetable - to stick to! - and I'm hoping these very clear boundaries will help Lamb get himself back on track.
To lure the boys back into numeracy they've been practising adding, subtracting and, probably most important to their eyes, sharing/dividing the maltesers... and happily consuming the maltesers too.

Since Lamb is now rather adverse to having his photograph taken it seems he's going to be an infrequent face on the blog, but Moo is more than happy to be snapped. During his 'choosing time' (also structured into the day) he wanted to do some cutting with the scissors (normally this equals massive amounts of mess, but he also tidied up behind himself rather efficiently this time!).
In other news, Lamb has now re-started his regular handwriting practise. Goodness is this going to be a chore!! He does not enjoy handwriting practise, though he's improved beyond any hopes I had for him this year. Moo on the other hand loves joining in with handwriting practise and will happily trace over his name over and over again. His particular relish at the moment are the pencil control worksheets. So, make hay while the sun shines!
Aside from digging a pond (photo's to follow soon), by far the most enjoyable thing we have done this week has been to explore eons 'energy  Energy Town on the computer, and we've started talking about electrical circuits. They are both really looking forward to making some real circuits of their own with daddy this weekend :) The Eon site has been really good, looking at power sources, saving energy, circuits etc. Most definitely worth a gander if your kids are interested.

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z barras said...

Good idea to use malteasers in maths, think my children would love that idea too :)