Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Into the Victorian workhouse!

We were lucky enough to get along to this free event last week (I love the word 'free'!)
Here the boys are in the 'workhouse schoolroom' where they had their fingers inspected before starting their lessons sat upon hard wooden benches. They're practising writing their names with chalkboards and in a sand box. Lamb was putting all that extra concentration in as he discovered that chalk is a whole lot harder to write with than pens and pencils. I'm not sure Moo was necessarily using the sandbox to write his name though...

We also really enjoyed the workhouse kitchen. The boys used old ration cards with the help of the costumed museum staff to measure out how much dried bread they would be allowed for breakfast, and had a go at making some gruel. The boys were so eager for the gruel until they saw the finished product and strangely enough neither of them wanted to taste it in the end!
We also got to make peg dollies to take home, which are still prancing around our house, though their clothes seem to have fallen off.
All in last week was a museum week for us. There was only one day that we didn't go there. We went along for the 'crazy colours' treasure hunt and made colour mobiles, and we made roman mosaics and torcs, we made world war II themed posters about healthy eating and growing your own, and had lots of fun trying on all the period costumes again. It was a fun week and honestly, I was knackered by the weekend!

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