Monday, 7 November 2011

Making ears, patterns and tea-light holders!

We kicked the day off making some autumn leaves stained glass style (pictures tomorrow once the enormous quantities of glue have dried!) and rounded off the morning making these tea light holders with washed out Nutella jars and sparkly confetti. The photo's don't really do the finished product justice ~ they really are rather pretty!

Daddy B. had the afternoon at home and Lamb insisted that he do their 'ears' activity with them. So it was that Daddy B found himself cutting and sticking together model ears with the boys (found in Easy Make and Do Projects: Human body). I think he rather enjoyed being part of the home-ed process :)

... and here is a little bit of maths for the day! We decided to have a little look at patterns with the bricks. This was a spontaneous activity dreamed up by Lamb who did very well with it.

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