Thursday, 3 November 2011

Little Beaver

Lamb got to bring home the scouts mascot this week for good behaviour.
He's pretty pleased with himself!
From a mummy and daddy perspective we're really pleased too. Each week Lamb is now amongst the numbers that actually behave themselves while they are at scouts. In a group of almost 30 children, some of which are not behaving well, Lamb has consistantly been a star. This is such a massive thing for him, and us as a family. 6 months ago, before we started home-schooling, it was precisely these sorts of social conditions that Lamb struggled with so much in school. Even the lining-up and sitting down parts of scouts have been going well. Add to this that he also doesn't have 1:1 support at scouts as he did at school, and it equals to the fact that this is quite an achievement for Lamb :)

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